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At the outset, know that if you visit a website and the privacy policy is about 50 pages long of legalese you should have red flags about what the site is doing with your information.

A privacy policy does not means your information is kept private. Rather, it details the "policy" of what happens to your private information - whether it is sold off or kept confidential.

Here is our short and simple policy ...

We do not disclose to others any information you provide. It is confidential and protected. We may, however, refer you and information about your situation to an independent law firm or attorney, such as if you need a litigation attorney, and you consent to such disclosures we deem appropriate. We do not represent parties in litigation.

There are obvious exceptions the law may allow, such as:

- In response to a court order or subpoena.

- If you abuse us, try to rip us off, we have to sue to collect, etc. In over 15 years we have only seen three fraudsters. Word to the wise - last time we looked the last one is under criminal indictment.

Per California law, this website does not follow do not track requests. That does not mean we track you across different websites putting up ads wherever you go. We don't do that. Mainly, it means we are too technically illiterate to know if a do not track request is made or not, or what to do with it.

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