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If needed, you can also send documents via snail mail to:

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There are several reasons why we are now just using a contact form:

- Phone spam is starting to rival email spam, especially for businesses who are exempt from the Do Not Call rules and have to suffer through an endless parade of service and product offers.

- If you are from another country on an H1B Visa and asking for help with the noncompete your sponsor required to be signed, sorry, but your English is probably not as good as you think it us. These are important issues and you do not want a misunderstanding to occur due to a miscommunication.

- We received more than 52,000 website visitors last year! Thank you for being one. We found, however, that phone calls take up an inordinate amount of time as people relay long stories and life histories, do not have needed information at their fingertips, and are often just looking for free advice not caring about the value of our time.

- We value clarity. Communicating in writing ensures clarity. For those purchasing contract reviews, our lengthy and detailed reviews, with examples of what to do and what not to do, is something you will be able to reference for years across different jobs. When we did reviews over the phone everyone underestimated how much information we provide so they invariably asked for a write-up so they did not have to worry about forgetting something or not writing it down correctly. Now, we start with the written review.

- It gives us time flexibility. Sometimes odd issues come up. Instead of ending a call saying we need to further review the matter, we can do the research on our time and the review you receive is complete.

- Finally, please do not use the form to ask for free advice for your "quick" or "simple" issue. It never is. And no one can provide the guidance you probably want without reviewing the contract. Sometimes anticipated answers from an initial introduction to an issue change 180 degrees once the non-compete contract is actually reviewed.

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