If you have a business you likely came to our noncompete resource because you want to prevent former employees from taking your customers and/or special know-how.

The ultimate question is ...

How do you protect your business without a noncompete?

We have reviewed more than 1000 noncompete contracts and have 25+ attorney years reviewing the topic.

From the contracts we have seen the best and most creative ideas from sharp legal minds around the country.

(We've also seen major mistakes by big firms [one that cost a business $500,000] and unbelievably horrible contracts that have no chance of being enforced).

Based on this unrivaled experience we have put together unique strategies for How to Circumvent California's NonCompete Law.

The report covers:

* 7 Strategies to Get Around NonCompete Prohibitions

California does it best to prevent noncompete restrictions. These are the most creative methods for locking down an employee to try and keep them from moving to a competitor with your customers.

You will not find this information anywhere else.

Someone once came to us after spending $5000 in legal fees and the best their (now former) attorney could come up with is a restriction not letting employees take confidential information. OK. That's a given. Our 7 strategies are in addition to protecting trade secrets and seek to find workarounds where California law bans restrictions against employees moving to a competitor or soliciting your customers.

No one else has this analysis and no one else has spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney time reviewing contracts and developing these strategies.

Not all of the strategies will apply for every business, but everyone can use at least one of these methods.

* How to Prevent Employees From Soliciting Your Clients While They Are Still Employed

This is a tricky issue most employers do not have on their radar.

California courts have allowed employees to send announcements, using company customer lists, company time, and company mail, letting clients know they are leaving and where to find them in the future so the customer can move their business.

You can stop it from happening - but first need to realize this is even possible before it is too late.

* Why One Company Was Clobbered for almost $1 MILLION for Using a NonCompete

Get this ... the company was lucky because it escaped punitive damages.

Imagine that - having a million dollar judgment awarded and considering yourself "lucky".

You'll see you exactly what happened so you'll know what not to do.

* How to Avoid Getting Sued for TRIPLE Damages

We see this all the time ... a business wanting to protect itself from a former employee sends a cease and desist letter, or otherwise notifies the employee's prospective employer about their contract and everything the employee is prohibited from doing.

Next thing the business gets is a counter demand for damages, or maybe a lawsuit is dropped off, with wage claims, emotional injury claims, punitive damages claims, and a statutory tripling.

That original letter designed to protect the company just turned into a "bet the company" lawsuit against the business.

Know your rights before falling into this trap.

All it takes is one upset employee, and the right attorney who knows noncompete issues (probably from being a member) to give you a life-altering litigation nightmare.

* Why Use of NonCompete Terms Can Put a Business Owner in Jail

Thought it couldn't get worse than triple damages?

How about turning over your life savings to hire a criminal attorney.

While this rarely occurs, you don't want to be the one this happens to.

* How to Protect Your Customer List.

This is probably what you wanted to protect with a noncompete.

We will show you how to make the best of the situation in California if you cannot prevent a former employee from competing.

You can protect customer lists, and this is one area where California law does protect employers.

* Sample Employee Contract

(in Word format so you can modify it for your business)

* Sample Independent Contractor Agreement

(also in Word format)

* The Basics of California NonCompete Law.

Our website already has a ton of information freely available. Here we go further and blueprint the Do's and Don'ts, and discuss the gray area of employee solicitation restrictions with separate briefing of the issue.

All of this is in easy to read reports, but which also includes legal citations where needed.

"If you are a business owner, you would be crazy not to use it."

Thanks, Joel"

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