"Jack" Kennedy, JD. "California employee noncompete contracts are illegal. Simple enough? Hardly. Only lawyers and the self-serving, bureaucratic legal system can make something simple so expensively complex.

The goal here is to get a plain English understanding of the law to avoid lawsuits.

Few attorneys are knowledgeable about noncompete law. In one situation an "employment attorney" wanted to charge $20,000 to research a noncompete issue and give an opinion. We provided the answer in 5 minutes."

Now retired after 25 years of litigation practice, he is enjoying leveraging the Internet to help others understand their noncompete contracts.

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Jessica Riggin, JD. For those needing legal representation we are making referrals to independent counsel for litigation.

The NonCompete Center is not paid for referrals and does not share in litigation fees.

No representations are made about the outcome of any case.

Litigation is risky. The best cases can be lost. The worst cases can be won. Never assume a judge or jury will see your situation the same way you see it.

Litigation Referrals


Henry Dahut, JD. "Are non-compete agreements legal? It depends on the state you are in and what the agreement says.

In some states, non-compete agreements are invalid - because those states do not want to prevent their citizens from working for anyone they choose or from opening their own businesses.

Other states allow these agreements, because those states agree with employers who want to protect their businesses from competition from former employees."


Monica Gaynor. "The website design is purposefully light on media and third party calls. It loads fast on all devices, especially smart phones.

The design is also content heavy, directed to those who want to read in-depth, expert material. The website is not a fluff piece loaded with eye candy."

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